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#FEST Veteran Dave Rave and DJ B-Funk Ready To Be Back

With two #FESTs under his belt and an Ohio University degree, DJ B-Funk with Dave Rave is no stranger to the scene that surrounds #FESTs and OU in general.

“I’m a little biased, but I feel Athens and OU are basically the best places ever. So, being invited to play at this massive event where I grew up is just great,” said DJ B-Funk.



As he heads back to familiar ground, DJ B-Funk is looking to bring out some new mixes and musical styles for this Saturday.  Music, especially within the age of the Internet, changes styles and what is popular daily.

“It’s hard because music moves so fast these days, the shelf life for top tracks is incredibly short it seems,” the DJ said, but he is coming to the festival prepared with years of experience up his sleeve.

The crowd at #FEST - 10th Edition can look forward to music styled for every instant to keep up with the ever-changing environment.  “I personally try and play a track for each moment,” he said.

DJ B-Funk started Dave Rave with his friend Dave Alexander, back in 2008, which has quickly grown into one of the largest electronic dance parties in the state since its beginnings.  This means DJ B-Funk knows college parties, and knows real energy.

That energy he is ready to bring to #FEST.

“Dave Rave thrives on the type of insanely high energy that #FEST goers create.”

Like other #FEST artists, Dave Rave is planning on bringing the party environment to the some 15,000 people expected in Athens, Ohio this Saturday.

What differentiates DJ B-Funk and Dave Rave from other DJs is their music.  Not only does he stay up to date on the music he puts into his sets and into his mixes, but he actually stays focused on the music.

“We have a general idea of certain tracks that we feel will make the crowd go wild and when we want to play them, but when we get up their we aren’t like the Swedish House Mafia who are coordinating big firework shows to match their set,” the #FEST artist said.

No fire works, no excessive fuss.

Just straight music, just straight fun.

#FEST goers can also pre-listen to mixes Dave Rave has set up specifically for the big day here: http://soundcloud.com/djbfunk/fest-mix-tape-dave-rave-style


-Shelby Lum

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P. Blackk Amping Up For Biggest Performance Ever

            Rapper P.Blackk may not be a first time performer at #FEST, but he is getting ready for his biggest performance to date.

He is “expecting to have a good time, and to see some kids going crazy,” he said.  With Ohio University comes the high standards for having a great time, and most #FEST artists are ready to see that reputation in action.

P.Blackk intends to stay focused on the music though.  He doesn’t have any bells and whistles planned, said the rapper.  He just plans to give them a dope performance.

His music and style matches perfectly with the high energy that is to come this Saturday.  “It works for parties, and there is really some nice stuff to dance too.”

Last month he dropped his first single titled “Don’t Do It” with J. Rawls, off of his new album.  The album is called Contemporary Nostalgia, and while he admits that these terms are a bit of a juxtaposition, Contemporary Nostalgia finds the perfect balance between the new and the old.  The album includes nostalgic instruments with contemporary rhymes, with a new modern perspective, P.Blackk said.

#FEST goers should plan on getting a little bit of the rapper himself.  His personal style of music is known for being very honest, he said.

“When people like my music they like me.  My music is me, there is no façade I am trying to uphold.”

P. Blackk plans to debut new material for #FEST goers as well, adding another reason why #FEST - 10th Edition is going to be even bigger than last year.


-Shelby Lum

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Hodgie Street To Bring The Energy

Rapper Hodgie Street, as an Ohio native, knows the area, and knows the intense lifestyle that is Ohio University. With #FEST taking place just two miles from campus the musical festival is sure to be packed with students.

“I’ve always kept track of the different stuff at OU. With OU being one of the craziest, biggest party schools it’s honestly an honor,” said Hodgie.  With attendance usually numbering around 15,000 fans, #FEST is one of the biggest college music festivals in the nation.

“It’s a big show, but it’s a personal show.”

Hodgie Street said he is going to do his best to match the energy that fans bring next week.



The #FEST musician isn’t new to the music industry either. After having studied business at Ohio State, he continued working towards his musical career. “Really it’s my overall college experience that kind of taught me about the world in general, and how it relates to the music.”

He is now becoming recognized within the industry as well. Working with big names like Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, and others, Hodgie Street is not a new comer to the world of hip-hop.

Hodgie started rapping after writing a rap for a childhood crush in New York. “She was 12, I was 10 and I liked her, and they said to write a rap for her, and I ended up writing a rap for this girl.  From that point on I started writing raps.”

Since the beginning, his raps and lyrics have been based on emotion, he said, and Hodgie plans on bringing that emotion to #FEST.

“We are all humans. We all have these different emotions and different experiences, so I try and have my music relate to that.”

With his experience, his emotional and relatable lyrics, and his high energy, Hodgie Street (although a later addition) will not disappoint fans.  The rapper is expecting a completely turned up day, he said.

“Hopefully I can make it all the way through the night, because I heard it can get wild and crazy, and I am cool with that.”

Take a listen to Hodgie Street’s latest single, “Kush,” featuring Rashad.

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-Shelby Lum






Are you tired of trying to find a ride or DD to safely get you to Athens from Columbus? Can’t find a place to crash at OU? Do none of your friends have a car?


We have you covered!

We are offering a round-trip shuttle from Columbus, OH to Athens, OH for only $15. That’s about as much as you’d pay for gas anyway! The shuttle will leave Columbus at 11a, and get you at #FEST just in time for the start. The bus will then transport you from Athens back to Columbus at 11p and get you back to the Ohio Union for you to begin your late night. Spots are filling up, though! Grab your shuttle pass here today: http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/167803


We know that the Buckeyes have a big game against Michigan State. Lucky for you, we’ve set up a special tailgate zone at #FEST so you can rage with all of your friends and still catch the game in East Lansing. What better way to tailgate than with thousands of your closest friends?



Get your shuttle pass today: http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/167803



Advice For #FEST’ers

We’ve hinted at this before, but I’ll go ahead and reiterate it - going to any Number Fest can be an art. Some triumph as a #FEST champion, making it through all 12 hours of diehard raging while putting the team on their back as they somehow manage to hit up the after parties. Some fall face first, and no one likes to be that guy. It’s like when that kid’s cell phone goes off in the middle of class and blares an annoying Ke$ha song - it’s just awkward and uncomfortable for everyone. I, however, and bring you the top secret bits of advice as suggested by YOU, the #FEST’ers! Follow these and you’ll have stories to tell your grandchildren for when they attend #FEST - 73rd Edition.


Don’t Bring Flip Flops

(suggested by Kieran Manzi on Facebook)

I can’t stress this enough - the shoe makes the rager at #FEST. Flip flops are cool for the beach and casual hanging in the summer, not in a big, muddy field full of 15,000 wild and crazy kids. If you wear flip flops, I guarantee two things will happen:

1) You will either lose and/or destroy your flip flops

2) Your foot will look a UFC fighter’s face after a championship match



You’re not on a boat - leave the flippy floppies at home. They’re likely to be thrown somewhere by that kid who always throws stuff (there’s always one at every concert). Instead, wear some old, sturdy tennis shoes that you won’t mind getting dirty. This leads me to my next point:


Leave The Dress Clothes At Home

(suggested by @__Jer, @akaPattyMillzzz, and @JuicyNMorris)

This isn’t prom. You’re not getting married. This is the nation’s premier college music festival. You’re not here to find your future husband or wife (although I would LOVE to hear a story of someone who did), you’re here to rage face, listen to awesome music, have some drinks and have fun. Nice clothes will only limit that, plus you’ll stand out in a bad way. You’ll look like that weirdo who wore his tattered up “Slayer” t-shirt and jorts to his job interview.


We haven’t hit the biggest reason why you shouldn’t wear nice clothes, though. The REAL reason is because it will be muddier than a pig troth. When you attend #FEST, there’s always a 100% chance for mud. Tell ‘em, Ollie.



Thank you, Ollie. YOUR STUFF WILL GET MUDDY! There’s no point in ruining your prom dress or suit - leave them at home! Instead, wear some clothes you won’t mind getting dirty. Old t-shirts, college spirit clothes, #FEST swag…. heck, create your own t-shirt and keep the mud on it in remembrance of your time at #FEST - 10th Edition! Just be warned about the mud though. You’re gonna get dirty.


Ziploc Bags Are Your Friends

(suggested by Brandon Thompson on Facebook)

Ziploc bags have solved many worldly issues, including how to successfully store leftovers and global warming. Well, maybe global warming is a stretch, but Ziploc bags have solved many miracles, and a #FEST miracle is no other. In addition to your clothes, you don’t want your wallet, keys, cell phone, or anything else you bring to be muddy or even ruined, do you? Throw them in a Ziploc bag and throw the bag in your pocket! This will make sure you protect your belongings while making sure you don’t have to worry about them. If you have a touch screen phone, you can even type through the plastic bag! I learned that nifty fact during my Ft. Lauderdale spring break when I lost my phone (long story, something about a taxi, a police officer, and the Hilton) and had to use my friend’s phone to make some calls. That’ll even save your phone from the accidental mud sling from the girl behind you on her boyfriend’s shoulders whipping around her dirty American flag bandana.



Ziploc bags are a surefire way to make sure your stuff survives the long day. Your iPhone thanks you already. Be courteous and tell Siri that you’re welcome.


Take Pictures

Seriously, why WOULDN’T you take pictures? Save all the memories by capturing them on camera, whether it’s on your camera phone (in a Ziploc bag), disposable camera, or whatever you decide to use! How else are you going to prove to your friends that you hit the “ball” 100 feet in Dizzy Bat? How will you relive the time Juicy J gave you a high five in the front row? How else will you be able to show your friends that you crowd surfed all the way from the back to the front? You need to capture all the moments, good and bad. Let’s be honest - sometimes the pictures of the bad are just as great…



You’ll be meeting and seeing new people that you’ll never want to forget, and a camera is the only way  to preserve those. Plus, they may be great blackmail for your buddy who didn’t quite make it! AAAAAAANNNNNDDDDD, you can post your awesome photos on the #FEST Facebook page to show the world how hard you raged, and maybe even score yourself some tickets for NEXT year’s #FEST! (hint, hint)


Don’t Be An Idiot

(suggested by Delaney Foley on Facebook)

This is pretty simple. Don’t be stupid. Don’t act rude to others, don’t insult others, keep yourself in control, and be courteous. Otherwise, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Yes, #FEST is and has always been BYOB, but that’s only if you’re 21+. The last thing you need is a court date, a fine, and a mark on your criminal record for an underage drinking violation. Don’t think officers aren’t looking for it - they’re only trying to keep you safe.



Also, if you decide to bring alcohol, make sure it is not in a glass bottle. You will not be permitted to bring in any glass. Oh, and don’t start any fires. That’s a no-no. Let’s keep #FEST and everyone who attends in one piece, not in ashes.


Sounds like a lot of restrictions, so what CAN you do to make sure you’re not an idiot?

-Pace yourself. Drink some water every once in a while - it’s gonna be hot. Chugging 43 beers in 10 minutes sounds pretty cool until you’re passed out against a tree in the deep end of your own vomit pool. Not cool, bro. That has “ambulance ride” written all over it.

-Wear sunscreen. You’re a human, not a walking lobster.

-Arrange for rides. We have shuttles and overnight parking for people who are too drunk to drive.

-Bring some cash. We have delicious food available, plus you want a sweet #FEST shirt, right?

-Get along with security/cops. If you’re nice to them, they’re going to be nice to you. Having a police officer on your side is NEVER a bad thing.


Finally…. Have Fun!

Duh! You’re supposed to be fun. Don’t be kid who doesn’t move to the music - you just look awkward and miserable. Jump around! Throw up your hands! Crowd surf (safely)! Scream until you sound like you’ve smoked for 73 years! Wear goofy stuff! Bring a squirt gun! Try new things! Meet new people, and then do some crazy things with them! Does someone has a cool game they’re playing? Go play it with them! This festival is all for YOU, so make it the festival you’ve always wanted.


Do you have any other special advice? Tweet it at @thenumberfest!

-Jordan Canada


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