#Fest Countdown


Venue Map

W. Union St.
Athens, Ohio 45701
Noon - Midnight

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Venue Info


#FEST is located at the intersection of W Union St. and Twnshp Hwy 557 in Athens, OH. The Venue is less than 2 miles from OU’s main campus. The natural setting of the #FEST location makes for a one of a kind experience. This year’s layout will include the Red Bull VIP Side Stage Area, The Rocksmith Explicit Content Club, a vendors village filled with local vendors and, of course, our Food Truck Food Court. Onsite Parking is available at The Venue for $10.

Shuttle Info

We provide FREE shuttles to and from the FestFREE Shuttle Buses will be running from Peden Stadium and the North end of Court St, in front of Yainnis. Shuttles will operate from 11am to 11pm. Feel free to catch a ride. Shuttles are being provided to transport people from Columbus to Athens. Get more details here: http://thenumberfest.com/fest-provides-shuttle-from-columbus-to-athens/ Don’t drink and drive!

Do’s and Don’ts



  • Dress appropriately (it could be hot, it could be wet, it could be muddy… don’t wear your Sunday’s best)
  • Bring water! Its important to stay hydrated.
  • Come prepared for a good time (this event is as free spirited as it gets… we do it for the kids)
  • Bring ca$h. Vendors will be onsite selling all sorts of food, non-alcoholic drinks and more
  • Bring pop-up/ Easy Up Tents (It’s nice to have some shade. Don’t bring tent stakes - easy up’s only!)
  • Use the free shuttles! Don’t drink and drive!
  • Car Pool w/ a DD ($10 parking onsite. You CAN leave your car overnight and ride the shuttle home. Cars must be removed by 1pm on Sunday)
  • Ask for help if you need it. We have Local Heroes all over the venue to help assist you throughout the day. Police, Fire and EMS personnel will be around.
  • Come with friends. Party with friends. Leave with friends. Buddy system, people. No friend left behind.
  • Have the time of your life safely, responsibly, and in the name of a good cause.


  • No glass bottles! You will not be allowed to bring your favorite beverage if it’s in a GLASS BOTTLE. Bring plastic or cans.
  • No FIRES! Its a sure fire (no pun intended) way to get thrown out of the party. We have a ZERO Tolerance policy on fires. DON’T START FIRES.
  • No weapons. Again, we produce this event as a way to celebrate life and all the glorious things in it. Bring a smile and a good attitude.
  • No Fighting. Period. Our staff and the hired Local Heroes will have none of it, and you may be removed from #FEST.
  • No sandals! You will lose them and cut your feet up! Wear shoes! (No sandals isn’t really a rule, just a major pointer from the veterans)
  • DON’T get dehydrated. DRINK WATER. All day.
  • DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE. We can not say it enough. Use the FREE SHUTTLES.
  • DON’T forget why you are here - to have fun, safely and responsibly.
  • DON’T get arrested. DON’T harass police. DON’T be THAT person.
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