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P. Blackk Amping Up For Biggest Performance Ever

            Rapper P.Blackk may not be a first time performer at #FEST, but he is getting ready for his biggest performance to date.

He is “expecting to have a good time, and to see some kids going crazy,” he said.  With Ohio University comes the high standards for having a great time, and most #FEST artists are ready to see that reputation in action.

P.Blackk intends to stay focused on the music though.  He doesn’t have any bells and whistles planned, said the rapper.  He just plans to give them a dope performance.

His music and style matches perfectly with the high energy that is to come this Saturday.  “It works for parties, and there is really some nice stuff to dance too.”

Last month he dropped his first single titled “Don’t Do It” with J. Rawls, off of his new album.  The album is called Contemporary Nostalgia, and while he admits that these terms are a bit of a juxtaposition, Contemporary Nostalgia finds the perfect balance between the new and the old.  The album includes nostalgic instruments with contemporary rhymes, with a new modern perspective, P.Blackk said.

#FEST goers should plan on getting a little bit of the rapper himself.  His personal style of music is known for being very honest, he said.

“When people like my music they like me.  My music is me, there is no façade I am trying to uphold.”

P. Blackk plans to debut new material for #FEST goers as well, adding another reason why #FEST - 10th Edition is going to be even bigger than last year.


-Shelby Lum

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