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November 25, 2015


We are happy to announce Fetty Wap as the first artist announced for #Fest: 14th Edition AKA #14Fest!

Fetty Wap has arguably been the hottest name in hip-hop this year with what have become anthems for 2015, including “Trap Queen”, “My Way”, and “679”. His fourth single “Again” cemented his spot in history as the “first artist ever to simultaneously chart his inaugural four entries in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot Rap Songs Chart.”

The rest of the #14Fest lineup will be announced soon.

With this announcement, GA + VIP tickets, parking passes, and camping passes are now on sale! Click here to get yours.

More info on camping will be released in the coming days, as well as the official #14Fest Tailgate right before gates open for the festival!

April 8, 2015



#Fest will be providing FREE shuttles to and from #13Fest on April 18.

Pick ups will start at noon on April 18, with pick up locations at Snider Fuller at 5 Depot Street and Rollerbowl on Palmer Street. Simply arrive and wait for the next shuttle to take you right over to the venue. Alcohol IS allowed on the shuttles. UPDATE 4/17 6:55PM: The pick-up location at Rollerbowl has been CHANGED to the Palmer Place Parking Lot. The Rollerbowl is no longer a shuttle pick-up spot.

Starting at 7:00PM, shuttles will be making return trips, dropping everyone off at the Athens County Fairground. From there, taxis will be lined up to help get you where you need to be.

VIP parking passes are available for those wanting to park on-site for #13Fest. There are a very limited amount available, and guarantee a dry parking spot at the venue. Parking passes MAY be available on the day-of, pending on the weather and the condition of the rest of the parking lots. You CAN leave your car overnight on-site. If you park on-site with a parking pass, you may exit #13Fest in your car; you will not need be required to take a shuttle. Purchase your VIP parking pass:

Please note that walking back into town is not permitted under any circumstances. Anyone attempting to walk on the highway WILL be arrested and prosecuted. That goes for attendees coming to the event as well. Route 56 will remain open for the entirety of #Fest, meaning cars will be driving on it all day. Walking on it to/from #13Fest is not only dangerous, but illegal. DO NOT WALK TO OR FROM #FEST!

You will not be able to have a friend pick you up at the venue. All traffic coming in and out of #13Fest starting at 7PM is limited to authorized vehicles and those with parking passes ONLY. All other vehicles will be turned away upon entrance.

All these shuttles are free for all #Fest attendees as a part of our commitment to ensure you get to and from #13Fest quickly and safely. Questions? Tweet us: @thenumberfest

April 8, 2015


#Fest has announced updated BYOB rules and regulations for #Fest: 13th Edition (AKA #13Fest) on April 18. These updates have been made due to increased safety measurements for the growing festival, as well as sanitation permits and compliance with State regulations. Our number one goal is to keep you safe while you’re having the time of your life at #13Fest.

Starting with #13Fest, anyone wishing to bring in their own alcohol is subject to a $10 BYOB fee. This fee can be paid at the door (CASH ONLY) or pre-purchased online (recommended to reduce wait time in line). All VIP tickets already include this BYOB fee; no additional fees need to be paid for BYOB if you have a VIP ticket. ATMs will be on-site to get cash, although we highly recommend bringing cash with you.

Additionally, all beverages brought into the festival must be factory sealed. In other words, no previously opened bottles or cans may be brought into #13Fest. Also prohibited from the festival are kegs and hard liquor.

Alcohol will be available at the four fully stocked bars on-site at #13Fest. All drinks are reasonably priced. Additionally, you can purchase whole cases of beer inside festival grounds.

If you will be bringing any prescription medication to #13Fest, please declare them upon search at the entrance of the festival. You may store then at the Medical Center if you would like.

Much like #12Fest with the Green Cup Campaign, all beverages must be poured into a plastic cup before drinking; no drinks are to be consumed from it’s original bottle or can. Plastic cups will be provided to you upon entrance for free. We also encourage you to bring your own plastic cups, whether disposable or a plastic cup from home.

Coolers you are bringing in ARE allowed to have wheels. The amount of alcohol that you’re allowed to bring in is limited to what you can carry in one load. You will NOT be allowed to take multiple loads up to the entrance and make multiple trips in and out of the venue to bring it all in. UPDATE 4/14/15: Empty trash cans are allowed to be brought in for you to throw away trash or fill with ice/drinks AFTER you enter. Trash cans and bins that are full of ice and drinks upon entry will not be allowed in.

Please read our letter from the #Fest founder for a further explanation of these new regulations - click here (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Again, these regulations are in place to make sure you have a great time at #13Fest while staying SAFE. If you have any questions about these regulations, including what you can and cannot bring into #13Fest, tweet us - @thenumberfest

Tickets to #13Fest ft. Diplo, ScHoolboy Q, G-Eazy, and more, as well as BYOB passes, are on sale - click here


March 7, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 2.22.38 PM

CLOCKWORKDJ is a producer, DJ, and overall embodiment of Ohio. Hailing from Cincinnati, he’s planted his roots while branching out to not only becoming a successful DJ, performing sets all across the country, but a masterful producer who’s pushing the boundaries of the genres we love. Oh, and have we mentioned he’s Mac Miller’s official DJ? CLOCKWORKDJ is the real deal, and we had the opportunity to ask him a few questions to get you ready for his performance at #13Fest.


#Fest: For those discovering CLOCKWORKDJ for the first time, how would you describe yourself to them?
CLOCKWORKDJ: 1+1+3. Enough said.

#Fest: Being Mac Miller’s official touring DJ, what’s the coolest thing you’ve done on the road with Mac?
CLOCKWORKDJ: I’m his official DJ, not just for touring. Whenever Mac has a show, you can bet I’m there. The coolest thing I’ve done on the road with Mac is see the WORLD.

#Fest: You’re working on releasing a brand new album soon, can you tell us more about it? What can we expect on it?
CLOCKWORKDJ: ALBUM! YES! I’M EXCITED FOR THE UNIVERSE! This is a project I’ve been working on since I came out the womb… subconsciously, and as I grew into my body, the music stared to take form. You can expect a complete mind-fuck. This album is like a spaceship orbiting the galaxy searching for undiscovered land. Expect SOUL, GALACTIC, BOUNCE music. This is a new genre of music that I’m creating.

#Fest: What’s the best thing about being from Cincinnati?
CLOCKWORKDJ: The best thing about being from Cincinnati is that it teaches you life lessons at a young age. If you’re from Cincinnati, you know, SHIT doesn’t come easy. You have to work hard and study long at whatever craft you choose. Cincinnati taught me to walk, talk, and how to keep my third eye open. Cincinnati made me a winner.

#Fest: What can we expect from you during your set at #13Fest? Any surprises in store?
CLOCKWORKDJ: I plan on giving the crowd some ear candy, playing exclusive records that they’ve not heard yet, mixed with MY custom 808’s and snares. I might even perform a song or two if Athens, OHIO is READY!? If I have a surprise and tell you, its not a surprise anymore ? Right? You’ll just have to wait and see…

#Fest: Any last words to those who are ready for Clockwork DJ at #13Fest?
CLOCKWORKDJ: Make sure you got your space boots laced up, your armor oiled up and ready to go, cause we hit the stars when it’s my TIME TO TAKE THE STAGE!

CLOCKWORKDJ will be performing on the Jagermeister Stage on April 18 at #13Fest. Tickets are still available - click here

Follow CLOCKWORKDJ on: Facebook | Twitter @clockworkDJ | Instagram @clockworkDJ

WATCH what went down when CLOCKWORKDJ performed in LA for his birthday bash (want to guess who his special guest was?):

January 30, 2015

It’s been revealed that Diplo, ScHoolboy Q, G-Eazy, Borgeous, iLoveMakonnen, Branchez, and MORE will be playing at #13Fest on April 18. Now it’s time to prepare, and that includes listening to all the best tracks from each of the amazing artists (or to get familiar with all of them!)

Listen to the official #13Fest playlist below, both on Spotify and Soundcloud.

April 29, 2014

A special thanks goes out to everyone who made #12Fest one for the record books! We had an amazing time and hope you all did too. This was our biggest festival to date, and it was all because of you. Thanks for spending the day with us and making memories that will last a lifetime!

WATCH the official #12Fest Recap Video above and check out all of the pictures that were taken, which are now available on our Facebook page - don’t forget to tag yourselves!

Again, thanks for making #12Fest so special, and we’ll see you next year at #13Fest!