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yacht club. ready to make waves at #Fest: 12th Edition

Meet yacht club., a three-piece live EDM group based out of Columbus, OH. They’ve gained popularity around the state after throwing a successful Electric Basement party in Columbus with fellow #12Fest artist Entel. yacht club. is looking to keep the momentum rolling and keep the party going when they take the stage at #12Fest. We had the opportunity to ask them a few questions, and here’s what they had to say.


#Fest: How would you describe yacht club. to someone who hasn’t heard of you guys before? What is this “Israeli Trip-Pop” you call yourselves on your Soundcloud? Where did you get the name “yacht club.” from?

YC: As typical as it sounds, we try not to confine ourselves to a specific genre. We’ve released a handful of songs so far and each has been drastically different than the others in terms of a core sound. However, all share a few similarities, notably our use of vocal samples. The key to our songs is that they make equal sense in the studio as they do in a live setting. “Israeli Trip-Pop” doesn’t really mean anything haha. We kept trying to force labels on it that didn’t really make sense so we went with something that actually doesn’t make any sense. As for the name, it was the first thing that came to mind when we were listening to the original songs and thought that it fit the whole idea of “decadent dance” well.


#Fest: yacht club. consists of three members - what are your roles within the group? How does this affect the way you create music?

YC: The three members are Zack, who runs the APC, Hayden, who plays drums, and Adam, who plays keys. We all come from different musical backgrounds and this allows us to blend a lot of genres in the writing process. At first we didn’t have Hayden and didn’t really think to include live drums, but the addition of him has lead to a more realistic drum presence in our songs. It’s difficult trying to blend electronic music with actual instruments because tracks are typically so layered, but keeping drums in mind while writing helps the flow and dynamics of songs.


#Fest: What are you doing to prepare for the madness that will be #12Fest? Do you have any tricks up your sleeve for when you’re on stage?

YC: We really don’t know what to expect from #Fest, as Zack is the only one who has been before. We’re trying not to think too hard about the idea of thousands of people in front of us haha. It won’t really hit until we’re walking out on stage but as soon as the music starts playing we’ll be comfortable (hopefully). We’re in the process of trying to get some other instruments to accompany us on stage. Saxophone/guitar could be a cool addition. Hayden usually plays a drum solo at some point, so an improv instrumental break to go along with that would be fun.


#Fest: Who has the wildest/weirdest party story? Care to elaborate?

YC: A funny (and ironic) party story: Zack got arrested at 10Fest hahaha. He didn’t even make it in before he was caught with 24 water bottles filled with Caribou Lou, among other things. Be smart kids, don’t forget a green cup.


#Fest: What is yacht club.’s spirit animal, and why?

YC: We spent forever trying to find a spirit animal and ultimately decided on Snoop Lion. Not sure why, but it certainly sounds better than what a quiz online told us.


#Fest: After your performance, you’ll be free to party with everyone else at #12Fest. Who do you think will get the crowd going the craziest?

Carnage will definitely tear the crowd to shreds. If we somehow manage to survive his set, we probably won’t be making it through Hardwell’s the next day.


#Fest: Any last words?

Thanks for your time, can’t wait for April 12th!


Don’t miss yacht club. live at #12Fest on April 12! Tickets are still available here.

Listen to yacht club.:

-Jordan Canada