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Mr. and Mrs. 11Fest - Final Round

It all comes down to this! The two male and two female finalists are going head-to-head for the title of Mr. 11Fest and Mrs. 11Fest! This week, the contestants reveal their craziest/funniest stories they’ve had so far. Let this help you decide who to vote for!


The winners will be crowned on stage at #Fest - 11th Edition!

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Brett Campbell

Twitter handle: @TCB22

School: The real Ohio school. Ohio University

Year (freshman, junior, etc): Freshman

Describe your craziest/funniest story: One of the crazier stories I’ve had was when I was sitting looking out my window and drinking with my buddies and I had a fantastic idea of playing poo dollar. I went outside and search for 15 minutes looking for some dog “poo.” After finding it, I found a rock and put it under the rock waiting for some lucky person to find a dollar. After waiting for 20 minutes someone eventually picks it up and walks away with it. I yelled “That’s a poo dollar!” She was looking all around for where our voice was coming from. Eventually she found us and yelled “Thanks for the dollar!!!” and walked away with dollar and probably shit all over her hands. That was probably one of the funnier stories I have from here.

Nick Scruggs

Twitter handle: @Scruggs_216

School: Ohio University

Year (freshman, junior, etc): Sophomore

Describe your craziest/funniest story: 

The craziest story I have from college is being banned from Big Mamas for reasons I choose not to speak of.

Anna Weisheimer

Twitter handle: @aw_paypastackz

School: OU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Year (freshman, junior, etc): Senior

Describe your craziest/funniest story: 

One fine evening, I was strolling home from the bars in Panama City Beach, when I spotted a dodgy character with neck tats and a wife beater!  The young sir approached me with an entourage of gangsters and asked if I knew who he was.  Naturally, I said “No!” Soon after, I learned that he was in fact “Lil Wyte,” a D-list celebrity from 2007.  Upon verifying my “street cred,” Lil Wyte invited me to partake in his newest music video shoot-which was taking place in a rusty limousine in the Holiday Inn parking lot. I soon found myself sipping “champagne” (which was really just warm Coors Light) in the back seat with a group of “video hos.” I sang an idiot rap song, got hit on by probable felons, and was assured that I would soon be famous…  In due time, I realized that this was not truly the case, and TO THIS DAY, I have seen nothing of the video.  In fact, I have heard nothing of the song…or even of “Lil Wyte.”  Often, I question the true identity of this man, and I realize the memories still haunt me.


…I can taste the Coors Light as if it were yesterday.

Elicia Gibson

Twitter handle: @eliciagibson

School: Ohio University

Year (freshman, junior, etc): Freshman

Describe your craziest/funniest story: My craziest OU moment (since this is the place where crazy things happen) was when I was with my three best friends. We all were at a house party hanging out. None of us knew anyone in this place. The party was bumpin’ and the house was packed full. Suddenly, everyone started running out of the house saying the cops were here. The three of us went to go out of the door and the cops were standing right there blocking everyone’s way out. We run up the stairs and barged into this one room that, thankfully, no one was in. We hid up there for a little while playing with this random dog that was in the room. I heard foot steps coming up the stairs and us four freaked out. With no where to hide, I threw open the window, leapt out 2 stories, landed on my feet like a crazy cat, and ran for my life with my friends close behind. None of us suffered any injuries and no one got arrested. We celebrated with some more cold brews and went to another house party.