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Everything You Need To Know About #12Fest / FAQ

For your convenience, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about #12Fest this Saturday. Everything from what you can and cannot bring, the Green Cup Campaign, parking/transport, and more is explained below. If you have any questions, please tweet us: @thenumberfest



-What alcohol is NOT allowed into #12Fest?

You are NOT allowed to bring in anything that contains glass. This includes glass beer bottles and glass liquor bottles. If you attempt to bring them in, they will be confiscated. Absolutely no glass is allowed.


-What IS allowed into #12Fest?

You ARE allowed to bring in cans of beer (remember, no bottles), kegs, and any accessories you’d like to go with your drinks. This includes plastic cups, coolers, trash bags, ice, and the like.


-How will the Green Cup Campaign impact me?

With the Green Cup Campaign, we simply ask that you pour your beverages into a cup instead of drinking from a can. That’s it. We will be providing cups on-site for you to use, or you can bring your own if you prefer. If you lose yours, we’ll happily provide you with another one. We ask that you dispose of your cans in one of the many trash bins around the area, or you can bring a trash bag for your “site” so you don’t have to leave your area to throw anything away.


-Is there any alcohol available on sale?

YES! For the first time ever, we’ll be serving beer and liquor on site at our cash bar. You can read more about it here: http://thenumberfest.com/introducing-first-ever-fest-bar/ — please note that you will not be able to take any alcohol in or out of the #Fest Bar area.



-Are tickets available at the door?

Yes, tickets will be available at the door. You’ll be able to upgrade your GA ticket to VIP as well.


-Where do I go if my ticket is at will call?

Head to the will call table that will be under the big white tent at the #12Fest entrance. You can’t miss it.



-Is there food and drink available at #12Fest?

YES! We’ll have a variety of food trucks on-site selling delicious food and serving plenty of non-alcoholic drinks. Stay hydrated and full.


-What are the set times for all the artists?

Those will be released very soon. Keep an eye on #Fest social media for more info.



-How can I get to/from #12Fest?

Once again we’re providing free shuttles to/from #12Fest and the Athens Fairgrounds. You can also park on-site if you have a VIP Parking Pass. Read more here: http://thenumberfest.com/venue-info/


-Can a friend drop me at off at #12Fest?

Short answer: no. Unless you have a VIP Parking Pass or are a #Fest approved shuttle, your car is not allowed on site although you can get dropped off NEAR the #Fest site.



-What’s your policy on throwing cans?

IF YOU THROW A CAN (or anything else in the air) AT #12FEST, YOU WILL GET ARRESTED. This isn’t allowed. It never was. You can cause serious injury to others by doing this. We have stepped up security to make sure this doesn’t happen. Don’t throw cans. You WILL get arrested.


-Do I need my ID to get in?

YES - you will need a driver’s license, regardless of whether you’re over or under 21.


-Do I need to bring cash?

We would recommend bringing cash so you can get food/drinks during the day, plus you may find some cool stuff at the Merch Market that may not accept cards. If you don’t bring cash or if you run out, we’ll have an ATM on site for you.


-What should I wear?

Whatever you wear will more than likely get dirty and sweaty. Don’t wear anything that you wouldn’t mind getting trashed (just in case). Wear tennis shoes or close-toed shoes; sandals WILL tear your feet up. Outrageous outfits and props are absolutely encouraged.


Anything else we missed? Please tweet us: @thenumberfest

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