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Announcing the #Fest Green Cup Campaign

The Green Cup Campaign is the start of a new era at #Fest. Safety, responsibility, and cooperation are aspects of the event that will always continue to evolve for the betterment of the event and all its attendees as well as the community we host #Fest in. Beginning with #Fest: 12th Edition (AKA #12Fest), we will be initiating a Green Cup Campaign which will require anyone drinking alcohol to pour their beverage into a cup instead of drinking from a can.


- Why?: To PREVENT injury, to MAINTAIN integrity, to CREATE the safest environment for our artists AND attendees, and to ASSIST in our efforts to maintain a clean environment around the venue as well as continuing to further our recycling efforts.

- How to get a cup?: #Fest Green Cups will be available at the entry gate at #12Fest. Everyone who is over 21 will be required to get a cup. The cups are 100% free and you can take them home with you at the end of #12Fest.

- What happens if you don’t use a cup?: If attendees choose to disregard the new Green Cup Campaign rules, they are subject to being ticketed for open container. Think football tailgates - if you are spotted with a can of beer rather than a cup, you will be ticketed and possibly arrested.

- What happens if you choose to throw a can in the air or towards to the stage?: You will be caught, you will be arrested, and you will be charged with the maximum penalty of the law. The crowd will be filmed the entire day from multiple angles. A task force will be on site specifically to spot and detain individuals who throw cans. This is no longer acceptable. It never was. We will not tolerate it. Don’t throw cans.


If during the day of #Fest: 12th Edition you need a new cup or an extra cup, they will be available at the Merch Booth as well as the Main Entrance. They are FREE. Don’t be the individual who is caught without one.


4 Simple Steps:

1. Crack open an ice cold brew (if you are 21+)

2. Pour it into your #Fest Green Cup

3. Put your can in a trash receptacle

4. Enjoy said ice cold brew (if you are 21+)


As mentioned, the goal of this is to ensure the safety of the artists and #Fest-goers while reducing the amount of litter on the #Fest grounds. This makes sure that everyone can still have an amazing time without having to look out for flying projectiles the entire day.


UPDATE: We’ve received great feedback from everyone about this campaign. To further clarify some common questions:

-YES, you CAN bring your own cup or mug if you’d like. As long as your drink isn’t in a can, you’re fine.

-Remember, if you lose your cup, we’ll happily provide you another one for FREE

-As long as your drink is in a CUP and not a CAN, you WILL NOT get arrested and you WILL NOT get into any trouble whatsoever.

-We’re relying on you to help make the #12Fest grounds a cleaner place by taking your empty cans and other trash to trash cans around the area. YOU ARE ALLOWED to bring your own trash bag(s) to put your trash in to reduce the amount of trips you take if you would like, but it’s not required.


If you have any questions, tweet us: @thenumberfest