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April 12th, 2014 It Returns
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#Fest announces new Park & Ride program

Starting with #HALFTIME, we will be implementing a new Park & Ride program for all those traveling by car to the event. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION. All cars will be asked to park at The Athens County Fairground and take a FREE Shuttle Bus to the event site. There will be no cars allowed to park at the venue on W. Union St. this year.


In an attempt to keep traffic congestion to a minimum, we ask that all drivers follow the appropriate signs placed throughout Athens that direct cars to The Fairgrounds. Once parked, there will be 15 buses and several 15 passenger vans waiting to take you and your belongings to the #HALFTIME Venue.


The Shuttles will run the entire day and will bring everyone back to the Fairgrounds to get your vehicles. We ask that nobody Drink and Drive. The walk from The Fairgrounds to campus is less than a 1/2 mile. Please be safe and take advantage of this new system. Cars will be allowed to stay parked at The Fairgrounds overnight. Our hope is to completely eliminate the traffic jam that occurs every year during the event. By parking at The Fairgrounds and taking a Shuttle Bus, it will open up the roadway and allow for a much smoother entry into the venue… NO MORE BEING STUCK ON 56!

The Number Fest Presents: #HALFTIME


The Number Fest is hyped to announce #HALFTIME, coming to Athens, Ohio on October 5th. #HALFTIME will hit Ohio University territory exactly halfway through the year from when 11Fest killed it in April, to when the Number Fest will return with #12Fest in April 2014. The standout lineup will be headlined by hip-hop sensation Hoodie Allen, and will be backed by big names such as rapper Riff Raff, EDM sensation The Chainsmokers, and up-and-coming acts Mike Stud, D-Why, E-Trayn and Yizzo. As always, the Number Fest will be 21 to drink and 18 to party, so BYOB of-agers. $20 presale tickets for #HALFTIME will go on sale August 22nd at 10 a.m.; presale tickets will sell out fast, so get them while you can! Regular price tickets are $30; all tickets are available at ticketfly.com. #HALFTIME will officially kick off at 4 p.m. on W. Union Street in Athens, Ohio.



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Kendrick Lamar & Steve Aoki

Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools:



Steve Aoki - Turbulence:

Bad Rabbits To Bring Diversity to 11Fest

Bad Rabbits is used to being different from the norm. From the vast ethnic diversity the band has to the genre lines they continue to break, the group out of Boston has taken steps to differentiate itself from the mass.

The group might be a rock, punk band, but they also have a heavy basis on R&B music, and that can be a daunting title, especially when you land a spot on Warped Tour. Yet Bad Rabbits did just that-and grabbed a hefty fan base as well.

“We weren’t like anyone else on that tour,” bassist, Graham Massar. “A lot of the bands on the tour actually really rallied around us. We made friends with the bands you find on Warped Tour… they really championed us to their fans.”

Since their slot on Warped Tour, Bad Rabbits has taken influences from the other bands and pushed it into their own music.

“It was really awesome to watch these really great bands everyday,” Massar said. “It’s really been great for us, because a lot of them are returning to our shows when we tour across country.”

Fly.Union to bring local flare to Athens show

Breaking his finger in seventh grade effectively ended Jerreau’s trumpet playing career, but began his career rapping.

Well, it may not have exactly began his rapping career, but it did give it a jump start.

“I played trumpet in the seventh grade, and then I started rapping,” said Jerreau. Each of the members, whether formal or not, have a long history with music, and they have each made it their career with rapping for Fly.Union.

“I didn’t study (music) past high school. I played instruments in high school, but I always created music and made beats throughout my life, same as Iye,” Jay Swifaa said.

Iyeball agreed. “All of our families have backgrounds in music,” he said.

With that those heavy roots in music, the members of Fly.Union are not without experience both on stage and off. The trio is known for meshing styles with rap, including a large influence from their home town and state: Columbus, Ohio.

“To be able to do shows in Columbus, Cleveland, Akron, and Cincinnati, it’s a great when you have the support from your own state,” Jerreau said.