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Verge Campus Tour Press Release

(Boston, MA - March 22, 2013) - Streetwear e-retailer and media juggernaut Karmaloop.com, in partnership with newly-launched online media technology company eMuze, is storming college campuses this spring with their highly anticipated VERGE CAMPUS TOUR 2013 Sponsored by Neff Headwear, without a doubt one of the most sought-after campus events of the year. Hitting 27 universities nationwide throughout April and May, the Verge Campus Tour will be headlined by the hottest MC of 2013, Kendrick Lamar, as well as legendary Grammy-nominated DJ and producer Steve Aoki, with support from up and coming artists Bad Rabbits and 5 & A Dime.


Race For A Reason

For the first time ever, the people that bring you the largest music festival in Athens, Ohio, is teaming up with the largest charity-based race event in Athens to raise money for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Athens County! The money contributed by the Number Fest on behalf of the students choosing to purchase the combo ticket and registration package will greatly assist with funds needed by Big Brothers Big Sisters. Number Fest has so graciously offered to donate $5 for every person that registers for Race For A Reason through their website to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Athens County.


No other partnership than the one between Number Fest and the O’Bleness Health System Race For A Reason shows more Bobcat pride. Bobcats support Bobcats, and that is exactly what is being displayed with this partnership.


We not only look forward to a successful Number Fest, but are more than grateful for the opportunity to help make a difference in the City of Athens.


For more information about Race For A Reason, please visit www.OURaceForAReason.com

Mr. and Mrs. 11Fest - Round 2

The next round of voting is under way! This time, we asked the nominees if they could party with anyone in the world, who it would be and why. See their answers below, and VOTE on who you want to advance to the final round!


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Brett Campbell

Twitter handle: @TCB22

School: The real Ohio school. Ohio University

Year (freshman, junior, etc): Freshman

If you could party with anyone, who would it be and why?: If I were to party with anyone in the world I would probably party with Hugh Hefner. Why you might ask? Well when this guy was 27 he issued his first ever magazine. He’s a business savvy man whose fantasy became a reality. Literally… He dresses very well for an 87 year old man. I would go to his mansion in L.A. and have a party with his cool employees.

Justin Nedell

Twitter handle: @jayneddy


Official #Fest - 11th Edition Trailer

Santino Corleon started off as a #Fest Accident, Became a #Fest Vet

  Fresh out of Texas at South by Southwest (with a few run-ins with Diddy), Santino Corleon is amping up to play at his fifth #Fest on April 13. Having already played five #Fests has made the stage in Athens, Ohio, familiar ground for the Cincinnati rapper, but it wasn’t always that way. “7Fest was actually an accident,” Santino said. “At the time I was really not engulfed into my music. People knew me as a rapper, but I didn’t take it seriously like I do now.” While mainly hosting parties in Cincinnati, his friend had a DJing slot at 7Fest and took him up on his (joking) offer to MC the set. “So I get a ride to Athens not knowing what I was getting into,” he said. “Next thing I know, by 3 p.m. I am literally in front of 10,000 people and all my dreams as a rapper have come true.” The rapper began with Sal City, which gained him popularity among the underground rap community, but hasn’t stopped there. The release date hasn’t been announced yet, but his newest album, Keep the Change, is done. “We are just trying to take the right move before we drop it,” the rapper said. Keep the Change is a representation of where he is in his musical career as well as a combination of his past works, Santino said. “If you know anything about Cincinnati rap artists they all kind of get to a point and they can never get over the hump, and I feel like I am at that point now. Where I am looking over the hump, where I can fall back down the hill or go over the hump,” he said. At this point in his career, he has paid his dues to Cincinnati. Santino created Keep the Change as a meshing of his past works. His album Sorry 4 Partying took his reputation for having a good time, and spun it into an album. “I kind of had a reputation around Cinci as a party animal and going out a lot, not in a bad way or anything,” Santino said. So for his party album he brought in a lot of featured artists, because you obviously can’t party by yourself. He followed that album with The Hangover, an appropriate response (or result) of his previous album, which had less featured artists, because usually when hungover, you are by yourself, he explained. For his newest project, he’s mixed things up. “It’s a little personal, but it’s more upbeat,” Santino said. “For lack of a better word I want to say like trap beats.” With this next move in his career, the rapper is looking to find more recognition, and provide Cincinnati with a rapper to call their own. “Growing up in Cinci we never had someone to call our own as far as rap music goes,” he said. “I kind of took that personal.” But this year’s #Fest could change things for the rapper, and for Cincinnati. “I think 11Fest is going to be the biggest one yet,” Santino said. “I know my performance has to be on point.” With 10,000 faces starting back at him on April 13, he knows the importance of the festival. “This could be one of my biggest shows in my career to date,” he said. “The #Fests have really catipulted a lot of the artists into the mainstream.” Will Cincinnati finally have rap artist to call their own? Come to Athens and find out. “I feel like my life is hip-hop. I have literally englufed my life in this. I know nothing else. I have no more options. I’m not going to work a real job ever again,” Santino said. Follow him: @SantinoCorleon (you can read all about his love for cheese eggs, even though it started off as a joke)   By: Shelby Lum @shelby_lum