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Mr. and Mrs. 11Fest - Final Round

It all comes down to this! The two male and two female finalists are going head-to-head for the title of Mr. 11Fest and Mrs. 11Fest! This week, the contestants reveal their craziest/funniest stories they’ve had so far. Let this help you decide who to vote for!


The winners will be crowned on stage at #Fest - 11th Edition!

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Brett Campbell

Twitter handle: @TCB22

School: The real Ohio school. Ohio University

Year (freshman, junior, etc): Freshman

Describe your craziest/funniest story: One of the crazier stories I’ve had was when I was sitting looking out my window and drinking with my buddies and I had a fantastic idea of playing poo dollar. I went outside and search for 15 minutes looking for some dog “poo.” After finding it, I found a rock and put it under the rock waiting for some lucky person to find a dollar. After waiting for 20 minutes someone eventually picks it up and walks away with it. I yelled “That’s a poo dollar!” She was looking all around for where our voice was coming from. Eventually she found us and yelled “Thanks for the dollar!!!” and walked away with dollar and probably shit all over her hands. That was probably one of the funnier stories I have from here.

The latest on #Fest - 11th Edition

Here’s the latest news surrounding #11Fest:


E-V Returns To #Fest As Our Host

We’re excited to be having E-V return as our #11Fest host! This #Fest alum is ready to take Athens to another level!

iPhone App

The official #Fest app is out! Download it for your iPhone today, and see set times, all of our vendors and food trucks, and MORE! Download it by clicking here or by searching “number fest” in the App Store.

Set Times

1-1:45p - DJ LoCo

1:45-2:20p - Santino Corleon

2:20-3p - Brooklyn Earick

3-3:35p - Forest & The Evergreens

3:35-4:10p - 5 & A Dime

4:20-5p - Huey Mack

5-5:40p - Fly Union

5:40-6:30p - Bad Rabbits

6:30-7:15p - Watch The Duck

7:30-8:30p - Kendrick Lamar

8:45-10:15p - Steve Aoki


Finally, don’t forget to bring a few extra dollars this year. We have water, bags of ice, and Red Bull all on sale this year!

Still need a ticket? Tickets will be available at the door, or you can buy one here: http://www.ticketfly.com/event/214347

WatchTheDuck To Bring Fun To 11Fest

Atlanta. It’s a pretty far place for those who have taken up residence in the seemingly constant winter of Ohio (be it in Columbus or Athens), but that is just where WatchTheDuck comes from.

But Atlanta pushes a lot of influences into the group’s music—even if it wasn’t at the top of WatchTheDuck’s list at first.

Members Jesse, Jonathan, and Eddie made the move to a new city, to expand their music.

“We actually originally were going to move to LA,” Eddie said. Los Angeles may have seemed like the best place at the time, but after taking a look around, the group saw a different route for its music.

“Then we took a trip to Atlanta,” Eddie said. “We didn’t know if what were doing now musically, if that would be the place for us.”

Atlanta has long been considered a huge musical hub for music in the south, and WatchTheDuck saw it as just that. “Atlanta was a big place for us growing up as far as influencing us musically,” he said.

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