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OU Student Entel Ready To Perform For Home Crowd



One of Ohio University’s very own will be gracing the stage at #12Fest to make sure that you’re still partying hard. Entel has been DJing at multiple venues in Ohio and has had the pleasure of opening for international artists like Paul Oakenfold, Paper Diamond, Bad Boy Bill, Gladiator, Savoy, and more. We asked him a few questions to get you better acquainted with him, and these are the results:


#Fest: Introduce yourself to anyone who may not be familiar with you.

Entel: Well, my name is Anthony Bergamesca and I am a 20 year old Audio Production student at Ohio University! I have been DJing and Producing for about 3 years now as well as playing guitar since I was 12.  I grew up listening to a lot of different styles of music but I would have to say my favorites were punk and metal music until I discovered Electronic Music. If I am not doing something music related I am most likely playing Starcraft 2 or any of the Halos. I am a closet gamer and proud of it!


#Fest: How do you describe your DJing style?

Entel: My DJjng style is spontaneous and full of energy. I love riding off the energy of the crowd and seeing what they respond to. I never know what song I am going to play next and that excites me.


#Fest: What is your craziest story while attending OU?

Entel: One saturday night me and my friends were walking back home on Court Street. Out of no where this car goes flying by us going the wrong way, followed by 3 or 4 police cars. This driver looked like he had no intentions of stopping. The driver took a left turn down a side street and thats all we saw. It was nuts to see a mini police chase happen at 2 in the morning.


#Fest: If you were stranded on an island with nothing but an iPod, what are the 5 albums you’d put on it?

Entel: In no particular order:

“Mesmerizing the Ultra” - Bassnectar

“Blood Sugar Sex Magik” - Red Hot Chili Peppers

“2″ - Netsky

“Shadows are Security” - As I Lay Dying

“Damage Control” - Mat Zo

The production on these albums speak for themselves. They have all been really influential to me and helped shaped me into the artist I am today. I want to put an emphasis on 2 by Netsky and Damage Control by Mat Zo. I think the blending of sounds and genres on both of these albums is amazing.They emphasize creative freedom and I believe that is the most important aspect of making music. If you are not making music that you truly love,then why are you making music? In my opinion these are 2 of the best albums ever released.


#Fest: Is there a specific DJ that got you into what you do now?

Entel: roeVy! While I have a different style from these guys, they are a huge influence to me.  The first time I saw them was at the Newport in Columbus and I was instantly hooked. Their show had so much energy and I instantly fell in love with their sound and style. They also had a unique appearance that separated them from a lot of other DJs in columbus. To date roeVy is still one of my favorite artists and a big influence to me.


#Fest: What’s your go-to hype song to get you pumped up?

Entel: Soldiers by Mike Hawkins! This song is HUGE and takes on a sound of its own. I recommend this tune to anyone who has not heard it yet!


#Fest: Have you ever been to a past #Fest? If so, do you have a favorite #Fest memory? What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever seen at a past #Fest?

Entel: I have been to every fest since 9Fest with the exception of Halftime! My favorite memory was watching 12th Planet at 9Fest. He is still my favorite artist to have played at a #Fest. Bass music was my first love as far as Electronic Music goes, and being able to see him live was a really awesome experience.

The wildest thing I have seen at a #Fest was the madness that Steve Aoki brought when he closed out 11Fest. Aoki is known for his high energy, party antics while on stage. It was a great set to end the day and by far the most hype I have seen a crowd at a #Fest.


#Fest: #12Fest is set to be the wildest #Fest yet. What predictions do you have for #12Fest? Do you think it will live up to the hype? 

Entel: This line up speaks for itself. The talent and quality of artists involved puts this #Fest on par to be the biggest yet. I could ramble about every single artist on this line up because they are all incredibly talented. Carnage and Griz have pushed the limits of Electronic Music to help evolve the scene with their unique sounds. Wiz Khalifa, Stalley and Vic Mensa are amazing artists pushing rap to new limits. This #Fest will be the biggest yet and you don’t want to miss it!


#Fest: You get to live one day as any celebrity with any one superhero power. Who do you choose, and what superpower do you have?

Entel; Ian McKellen for sure! The Lord Of The Rings are my favorite movies. As far as super powers, I would want to be able to breathe under water like aqua man. I am fascinated by the ocean and I have always wanted to know what lies at the very bottom of the deep sea.


Catch Entel as he opens for Wiz Khalifa, Carnage, and the rest of the artists on the #12Fest bill. Tickets are still available by clicking here.

Listen to Entel:

-Jordan Canad