September 5, 2012

If you’re familiar with the college scene in Columbus, Ohio, you’ve likely heard of DJ Corrupt. Corrupt, whose real name is James Caudle, DJ’s on college nights at many venues in downtown Columbus, including Park Street Saloon, Long Street, and more. His live mixes bring the energy and have everyone raging until the bar shuts down. We had the chance to ask DJ Corrupt a few questions about his upcoming performance at #FEST.


#FEST: You’re one of the bigger college DJ’s in Columbus. How did you start, and how did get to where you are today?

Corrupt: First of all thank you for the comment! I started DJing and using mixing software about 6 years ago as a hobby. After about a year I was fortunate enough to shadow and practice with some of the best DJ’s in Ohio. I was given the opportunities to spin at top clubs early in my career and that experience is a huge reason why I am where I am today!


#FEST: Have you ever visited Athens, Ohio? What was your impression?

Corrupt: Haha ohI have been to some OU parties and they are without a doubt some of the craziest I’ve been to! It’s an atmosphere you have to experience yourself to really understand.

#FEST: Have you heard about #FEST of any of the previous Number Fests (or even attended them)? (i.e. 9Fest, 8Fest) What have you heard?

Corrupt: Always heard about #FEST and have several friends that have gone. Even fellow DJs/producer friends who have performed! This will be my first time attending AND performing at #FEST. I’ve seen many pictures/videos and I’ve heard it’s the biggest, most wild music festival. I’ve also heard it gets bigger every year so that’s exciting =)


#FEST: What was going through your head when you received word that you’ll be performing along side Juicy J, 3LAU, Krewella, and more at #FEST?

Corrupt: Can’t really put in words how excited and thankful I was when I got the news. I have so much respect for these producers and artists. It’s going to be a great experience/memory meeting and performing with them all!


#FEST: Do you have anything special planned for your performance at Athens?

Corrupt: I have a few surprises up my sleeve 😉


#FEST: Finally, do you have any words for the over 15,000 people who will be raging face with you on September 29th?

Corrupt: Get ready to RAGE harder than ever and please don’t drop me =)


There’s no doubt DJ Corrupt is ready to bring it come September 29th. His latest release, “OU O YEAH!,” is out now and will be available for download after #FEST - 10th Edition. He is currently working on a pregame mix specifically designed for everyone’s pregame activities. Follow @thenumberfest on Twitter and “LIKE” us on Facebook for all the latest announcements and news, including DJ Corrupt’s pregame mix release date!


DJ Corrupt Twitter: @djcorrupt

DJ Corrupt Facebook: facebook.com/djcorrupt

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