March 13, 2014

We are getting closer to #12FEST each day and everyone is starting to get more and more excited. If you are a #FEST rookie or even a veteran, here are 12 things to remember for the fest.

1) DO: Know who is playing.

Besides knowing what artists are playing, get to know the music that each one makes. There is a good chance that you may find some new music that you like, causing you to get more excited for a certain act’s set.


2) DO: Bring your own alcohol.

BYOB is one of the best parts about the #Fest, but remember no glass is allowed. If you run out, you’ll be able to buy beer and liquor at #12Fest!


3) DON’T: Bring glass bottles.

Don’t be that guy that has to chug his two Cobra’s outside the gates before he even got in because he didn’t know glass bottles weren’t allowed. Also, don’t think that hiding it in your bag will mean that you can get it inside; your bags get checked and someone will find it.


4) DON’T: Throw cans or any other objects towards the stage.

No one likes getting hit with stuff, be it cans, footballs or anything else you brought in. Just because your drunken friends think throwing a full bottle of Gatorade into the crowd is a good idea, doesn’t mean that it is. Hitting someone won’t make them happy and can ruin someone’s day. Also, throwing ANYTHING at an artist while they are on stage is extremely disrespectful, especially because they came for YOU.


5) DO: Use the green cups handed out at the gates.

This was created to keep everyone safe from thrown cans as well as assist in recycling the thousands of cans at the fest. Getting ticketed for open consumption is probably a good incentive to use them. The cups will also be a nice free souvenir.


6) DO: Support your local artists.

Students Entel & DJ LOCO are the artists representing Ohio University. Be sure to come closer to the stage during their sets as well as support them at their shows in the Athens area before and after #12FEST. There are also multiple regional Ohio acts representing Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton.


7) DON’T: Push

It will just cause problems for the thousands of people around you, especially those being squashed along the barricade. No one will be having a good time and too many people have a chance of getting hurt if something goes bad.


8) DO: Respect law enforcement/security.

Don’t think that running into the woods will get you out of an underage drinking ticket. If you are stopped, don’t cause problems that will make things worse for you. Also, don’t try to get backstage by giving the security guard some lame excuse. If you were supposed to be backstage, you would be there already.


9) DO: Come early and stay until the end.

You’re paying for it so why not get your money’s worth? You may discover some good music you haven’t heard before.


10) DO: Drink water and eat!!!

This is probably one of the more important things to remember. The fest is long and the combination of alcohol, sweat and standing up for a long time can cause dehydration. Pack a couple bottles of water for you and your friends or buy some from the vendors. The vendors there will also have the perfect mix of drunk and festival food.


11) DON’T: Wear new or nice clothes.

Being springtime in Ohio, you never know how the weather will be on the day of the fest or in the days prior. The ground at the fest could be a borderline mud pit, causing shoes and clothes to be covered in mud. If the weather is dry, the field will be dusty, caking everyone in dirt dust. Wearing older clothes and shoes will definitely save you money and save you the hassle of getting stains out of your favorite shirt. Also, don’t wear flip flops; you will most likely go home barefoot and upset.


12) DO: Have a good time!


-Kyle Rutherford

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