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September 21, 2012

When you’re going to #FEST – 10th Edition, you need to go prepared. Don’t worry everyone, we have the lowdown of what to bring to make sure you worry less and rage more.



Let’s be real here.  You are standing in extremely close proximity to about 15,000 of your new best friend in the sun.  That’s a lot of sun and a lot of body heat.  Sweating will occur, most likely in excess.  Stay hydrated!  You don’t want to be the kid who fainted half way through #FEST. At least faint at the end.

Fanny Pack

Can we make fanny packs cool for one day of the year?  I say yes.  Purses are annoying and your stuff has got to go somewhere!  A nice neon-colored one will probably do the trick, along with giving you an excellent 90s throwback.

#FEST 10 Fest  - bring a fanny pack


Cheap Shades

Sunglasses, like many things, are meant to be lost.  You buy a pair, and you lose it in the depths of your car, or your room, or Starbucks.  So bring shades to #FEST, but cheap ones, because you are probably going to lose them. You are probably going to lose your friend’s glasses too, and their friend’s glasses.  It’s just going to be one of those days.

Disposable Camera

As mentioned above, some things are meant to be lost.  It’s inevitable, and rocking out with 15,000 people isn’t going to increase your odds of keeping track of all of your stuff.  Your camera is not exempt from that.  Going old school and getting a disposable camera could save your Canon’s life from being trampled in the mud, because that could very well happen.

Hand Sanitizer

Did you read that first point? 15,000 people. Lots of sweat.  Hand sanitizer is a must.


How about we all learn from the one kid who forgets and brings home a killer sunburn, because that is possibly the last thing you want to bring home. Everyone will be focusing on your peeling face, and not on your sick stories of #FEST.  No one wants that.

Rubber Bands

This made the list, because I just cannot think of a moment where a rubber band wouldn’t be handy.

-Shelby Lum


#FEST – 10th Edition Tickets:

September 20, 2012

After talking with Jim, Ian, and Erika from Hawkeye one thing is clear: they are ready to party.

Ohio University has a reputation for partying hard, and #FEST artist, Hawkeye, is expecting that same energy in 9 days.

No one in the band really had a college experience, said Erika, lead vocals for Hawkeye.  “We are basically going to get the college experience we didn’t get at 10FEST,” the band said.

To amp up the energy, Hawkeye has some big plans.  “I think we might have some free beverages to give out on stage.  That might invite some people I think,” said Hawkeye.  The Cleveland rock band didn’t want to give away everything for the big day though.



In addition, they will also be debuting new material that has never been played live before.  “Every song hits just as hard as the last,” said Hawkeye.  Their goal as a performance is to be themselves and have tons of fun, they said.

Their newest album is scheduled to drop this winter.  “We know what our sound is now so it’s a lot easier to write,” said Hawkeye.  “We are hoping that we have at least four or five hard-hitting singles.”

The high-energy band is ready for their biggest performance to date at #FEST.  The group has been known for their up beat songs and energy as well as creating a fun, party atmosphere. “I think the high energy comes from us getting excited by being able to create different sound that people didn’t used to be able to do,” the band said.

Describing themselves as equal parts dance, rock, and dub, Hawkeye is ready for the country’s premier college music festival.

“We are loud.  Really, really, really loud.”

You can check out some of Hawkeye’s music on their Facebook page:

Get your #FEST – 10th Edition tickets today:


-Shelby Lum


September 20, 2012

(originally posted by The One Mic –



Je’an P

Canton, Ohio

A hip hop artist currently enrolled as a student at Ohio University lands a slot on the 10th edition #Fest!

We know that you have been trying to perform the #Fest for a few years now, how does it feel to be booked for the 10th edition?
It feels good! Finally being recognized and having the opportunity to be apart of something great. I’ve paid my dues for some years now especially in the Athens area and I felt it was right. I’m just honored.

Being a student at Ohio University do you feel any pressure as an artist performing in front of thousands of your peers?
No pressure at all. It’s one of my biggest performances currently in my career but no pressure. Alot of people are really excited for me and some even told me I would never perform at a FEST but I believed different. I knew it was coming. I want them to see me perform and not only be proud that I’m a student of OU, but an MC representing Ohio as well.



We have been following you since your early mix tape releases. Have you seen growth in your music?
The growth is very evident. It’s all apart of being an artist. If you don’t grow then something isn’t right. I’ve worked hard for some time just to make a name for myself and I finally feel that it’s paying off.

Do you have an mix tape, or an album that you are currently pushing?
I’m currently pushing my recent album “Still Dreaming” and working on two projects with BOOM! and Lakim.

Who are your major influences behind your music.
My major influences are anything that is just real. Regardless the genre. From Marvin Gaye to Lupe Fiasco im influenced by everything around me. Even outside of music.

What are some of the bigger shows you have performed? Which was your favorite and why?
One of my biggest performances was opening the SIBS Concert last year and opening for Big K.R.I.T. & Dom Kennedy. It was my favorite because all of my friends and family were in the audience and I gained a mass amount of new listeners. Plus I hung out with Stalley that night and we partied it up!

The #Fest is one of the biggest college concerts in the country, what are your thoughts about performing along with Juicy J.
I’m so honored! So excited to be rocking with some of the best in the game nationally and state wide!

Watch Je’an P latest video, “Dont Have Time”

(originally posted by The One Mic –