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What To Bring To #FEST

When you’re going to #FEST - 10th Edition, you need to go prepared. Don’t worry everyone, we have the lowdown of what to bring to make sure you worry less and rage more.



Let’s be real here.  You are standing in extremely close proximity to about 15,000 of your new best friend in the sun.  That’s a lot of sun and a lot of body heat.  Sweating will occur, most likely in excess.  Stay hydrated!  You don’t want to be the kid who fainted half way through #FEST. At least faint at the end.

Fanny Pack

Can we make fanny packs cool for one day of the year?  I say yes.  Purses are annoying and your stuff has got to go somewhere!  A nice neon-colored one will probably do the trick, along with giving you an excellent 90s throwback.


Cheap Shades

Sunglasses, like many things, are meant to be lost.  You buy a pair, and you lose it in the depths of your car, or your room, or Starbucks.  So bring shades to #FEST, but cheap ones, because you are probably going to lose them. You are probably going to lose your friend’s glasses too, and their friend’s glasses.  It’s just going to be one of those days.

Disposable Camera

As mentioned above, some things are meant to be lost.  It’s inevitable, and rocking out with 15,000 people isn’t going to increase your odds of keeping track of all of your stuff.  Your camera is not exempt from that.  Going old school and getting a disposable camera could save your Canon’s life from being trampled in the mud, because that could very well happen.

Hand Sanitizer

Did you read that first point? 15,000 people. Lots of sweat.  Hand sanitizer is a must.


How about we all learn from the one kid who forgets and brings home a killer sunburn, because that is possibly the last thing you want to bring home. Everyone will be focusing on your peeling face, and not on your sick stories of #FEST.  No one wants that.

Rubber Bands

This made the list, because I just cannot think of a moment where a rubber band wouldn’t be handy.

-Shelby Lum


#FEST - 10th Edition Tickets: http://thenumberfest.com/2012-tickets/