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#Fest 11th Edition Sponsor, Life Support, Promises to Provide “Great Nights, Better Mornings”


Life Support is setting out to make the after-effects of drinking less disruptive to your post-festival plans. With the help of just one bottle of Life Support, festival-goers can now skip out on the threat of an unpleasant hangover! Life Support is the only drink in North America that contains the extract from the fruit of the Japanese raisin tree, known specifically to aid in the recovery from alcohol intoxication.


The VIP area of #Fest is presented by Life Support, and VIP packs can be purchased though lifesupport.com. The VIP packs will include four VIP tickets and bracelets, four bottles of Life Support, and four #Fest VIP t-shirts.


Life Support is available for purchase in many retailers in Ohio, as well as on their website at lifesupport.com. Currently, the Life Support website is offering free shipping on all online orders. Follow @LifeSupport and @TheNumberFest on Twitter for product giveaways before #Fest and look for the Life Support tent on your way out of the festival on April 13th! Prepping early for your festival plans? Visit lifesupport.com to learn more! Join the revolution - #EndHangovers

Mr. And Mrs. 11Fest Nominees

We received over 75 entries in total, and we have narrowed them down to the top 8 men and top 8 women to become the face of #Fest - 11th Edition. You can see information on each contestant below. Match-ups are head-to-head, with the winner advancing in each bracket. Meet the top 8 men and top 8 women up for Mr. and Mrs. 11Fest!

Voting for this first round ends at noon on Tuesday, March 26!


Vote for who you want to move on to the next round on our Facebook page here!

The Men’s Bracket


To vote for Mr. 11Fest, click here!


Brett Campbell

Twitter handle: @TCB22

School: The real Ohio school. Ohio University

Year (freshman, junior, etc): Freshman

Tell us about yourself!: Everyone knows me by Soup. I’m a freshmen livin the life in gam hall. Right now I’m a pre-sports management major. I love everything about sports. I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio. Fresh out of La Salle high school with much GCL pride. I love all different types of music. Finally I’m just a outgoing guy.

Mr. and Mrs. 11Fest


Are you the face of #Fest - 11th Edition? Do you play harder than anyone else? Then prove it!

We’re happy to announce the Mr. and Mrs. 11Fest contest!

WHAT: A contest to recognize those who represent 11Fest and all of its traditions and outrageousness. You have a chance to be THE face of 11Fest! One guy and girl will be chosen amongst the public.

WHO: You! Anyone who is attending #11Fest is invited to submit your application.

HOW IT WORKS: Up until 3/18 at 11:59p, you will be able to submit your application to be nominated for Mr. or Mrs. 11Fest. You can apply by completing the form below.

Once all applications are sent in, we will choose our top 8 entries from males and our top 8 entries from females. From then on, the public will vote for who they want to move on in a single-elimination bracket-style competition. There are three rounds of voting that will finally narrow down the competition to two finalists for both the boys and girls brackets. As the competition goes on, we’ll be learning more and more about each person to help you in your voting.

Poetic Justice Contest Winners

We asked you to create a poem or haiku about #Fest - 11th Edition. We received almost 80 entries from you and we’ve chosen our favorites! Congrats to the three winners - you’ve just won a free GA ticket/VIP upgrade to #11Fest!



I can’t wait till 11 Fest is finally here,

They’ll be Kendrick, Aoki, and a whole lotta beer,

Now I wish April 13th would come a lil quicker,

Cause you know well be divin’ in pools full of liquor.

 -Brandon C.


Coors, Bud Light, Yuengling, Natty

Kendrick or Aoki, who’s your daddy?

Started from the bottom, now we here

11 fest I love you, now give me a beer

-Erika Miknius


In this m.A.A.d city

Known as Athens, Ohio

The good kid goes hard

-Patrick Forte


Honorable Mentions 

Lines to piss are long

But better than getting caught

So not by a tree

-Tommy Petras


Phase two of the #Fest - 11th Edition Lineup


We’re proud to announce the second phase of the #Fest - 11th Edition lineup! Featuring four artists from Ohio, Five And A Dime, Forest And The Evergreens, Brooklyn Earick, Santino Corleon, and DJ Loco are joining Kendrick Lamar, Steve Aoki, and more in making sure that #Fest - 11th Edition isn’t one to forget! Learn more about the second phase artists below.


5 & A Dime is a DJ and Producer from Philadelphia. With his unique blend of EDM and Top 40 sounds, he has received serious recognition from major music publications such as Elektro Magazine, ThisSongIsSick.com, BarstoolSports.com, GoodMusicAllDay.com, FreshNewTracks.com and many more. Similarly 5 & A Dime’s singles have topped the charts of Hype Machine and Next Big Sound. Due to his online popularity, over the past year and a half he has performed over 75 times in 26 states and 2 countries with his 16 foot by 6 foot LED Curtain and #BASSMOB hypemen. Be on the lookout for the #BASSMOB Tour to hit your city soon!