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November 11, 2015

As a part of our continued commitment to better the #Fest environment for years to come, we have been working hard at improving The Venue Of Athens. Here’s an overview of some of the improvements currently being made that will be ready for #14Fest on April 16, 2016.

New Venue Layout

We’ve literally flipped the venue around in terms of entrances and stage placement! Everyone will now enter from the side of The Venue where the stage has been in the past, with a VIP-only entrance where last year’s entry point was. This is the same layout that was used for Country Night Lights back in September.  

This new layout opens up much more space at The Venue, and allows for easier entry and exit.

Addition of a 2000+ space parking lot on-site

At the bottom of the map above, you’ll see “Main Parking”. We’ve made available a large section of The Venue to park over 2,000 cars on-site. This will allow for easier and safer entering and exiting, as well as helps with overnight accommodations on-site.

Parking on-site is the easiest way to travel to and from #Fest. There will be no public shuttles transporting festival-goers to/from Ohio University and #Fest.

You can pre-purchase a parking pass on the same page that you purchase your tickets - click here

Emergency Access Lane added to main entrance road.

We’ve expanded the entrance/exit trail to include a new lane dedicated to emergency access only. This helps our local police and EMS to respond and provide assistance faster than before.

Larger VIP and Cabana Areas

For those ready to head to #14Fest in style, we’ve expanded the VIP and Cabana sections to provide a true VIP experience. They will allow more room for you and your crew to hang out, plus plenty of other great perks we’re working on.

Improved drainage system

We’re tackling the issue of a muddy and swampy Venue with an improved drainage system, designed to dry out the Venue grounds quicker. This benefits EVERYONE, from those putting together and building the stage, to you as you rock out to some of the biggest names in music today.

August 26, 2015


We’re happy to announce that #Fest will be returning for its 14th edition on Saturday, April 16, 2016! The one-day event will once again take place at The Venue Of Athens. Discounted pre-sale tickets will on sale on Wednesday, September 2 at noon - a very limited amount of tickets will be available!

In order to keep improving the festival experience for everyone, we’ll be implementing a few changes from years past.

First, we’d like to announce that we will be implementing camping into #14Fest! This will allow overnight accommodations to be more readily availably, as well as ensure more people have a safe place to stay at the end of the festival. More information on camping will be announced soon.

Starting with #14Fest, BYOB will no longer be allowed with #Fest. We feel that this is necessary measure to ensure the safety of festival-goers, as well as the longevity of #Fest. However, as with the previous two #Fest’s, we will have a wide variety of alcohol available inside the venue at very reasonably prices (think back to last year), and will be increasing the amount of bars to make sure everyone can grab a drink in a timely fashion.

And don’t you worry about who’s headlining #14Fest. We’ll have the HUGE names that you’ve come to expect! In fact, the hunt for your #14Fest headliners have already started…

Pre-sale tickets for #14Fest go on sale on Wednesday, Sept. 2 at NOON - set a reminder they will sell out QUICK! Ticket links to be posted on @thenumberfest social media and will be found here at

See you all on April 16.

-#Fest team

April 19, 2015

Thank you all for an unforgettable #Fest! Plans are underway for #14Fest and we can’t wait to see you all again next year.


WATCH the Official #13Fest Aftermovie and relive the wildest day of the year - can you find yourself?