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September 27, 2012

            Rapper P.Blackk may not be a first time performer at #FEST, but he is getting ready for his biggest performance to date.

He is “expecting to have a good time, and to see some kids going crazy,” he said.  With Ohio University comes the high standards for having a great time, and most #FEST artists are ready to see that reputation in action.

P.Blackk intends to stay focused on the music though.  He doesn’t have any bells and whistles planned, said the rapper.  He just plans to give them a dope performance.

His music and style matches perfectly with the high energy that is to come this Saturday.  “It works for parties, and there is really some nice stuff to dance too.”

Last month he dropped his first single titled “Don’t Do It” with J. Rawls, off of his new album.  The album is called Contemporary Nostalgia, and while he admits that these terms are a bit of a juxtaposition, Contemporary Nostalgia finds the perfect balance between the new and the old.  The album includes nostalgic instruments with contemporary rhymes, with a new modern perspective, P.Blackk said.

#FEST goers should plan on getting a little bit of the rapper himself.  His personal style of music is known for being very honest, he said.

“When people like my music they like me.  My music is me, there is no façade I am trying to uphold.”

P. Blackk plans to debut new material for #FEST goers as well, adding another reason why #FEST - 10th Edition is going to be even bigger than last year.


-Shelby Lum

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September 25, 2012

Rapper Hodgie Street, as an Ohio native, knows the area, and knows the intense lifestyle that is Ohio University. With #FEST taking place just two miles from campus the musical festival is sure to be packed with students.

“I’ve always kept track of the different stuff at OU. With OU being one of the craziest, biggest party schools it’s honestly an honor,” said Hodgie.  With attendance usually numbering around 15,000 fans, #FEST is one of the biggest college music festivals in the nation.

“It’s a big show, but it’s a personal show.”

Hodgie Street said he is going to do his best to match the energy that fans bring next week.



The #FEST musician isn’t new to the music industry either. After having studied business at Ohio State, he continued working towards his musical career. “Really it’s my overall college experience that kind of taught me about the world in general, and how it relates to the music.”

He is now becoming recognized within the industry as well. Working with big names like Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, and others, Hodgie Street is not a new comer to the world of hip-hop.

Hodgie started rapping after writing a rap for a childhood crush in New York. “She was 12, I was 10 and I liked her, and they said to write a rap for her, and I ended up writing a rap for this girl.  From that point on I started writing raps.”

Since the beginning, his raps and lyrics have been based on emotion, he said, and Hodgie plans on bringing that emotion to #FEST.

“We are all humans. We all have these different emotions and different experiences, so I try and have my music relate to that.”

With his experience, his emotional and relatable lyrics, and his high energy, Hodgie Street (although a later addition) will not disappoint fans.  The rapper is expecting a completely turned up day, he said.

“Hopefully I can make it all the way through the night, because I heard it can get wild and crazy, and I am cool with that.”

Take a listen to Hodgie Street’s latest single, “Kush,” featuring Rashad.

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-Shelby Lum




September 25, 2012

Are you tired of trying to find a ride or DD to safely get you to Athens from Columbus? Can’t find a place to crash at OU? Do none of your friends have a car?


We have you covered!

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We know that the Buckeyes have a big game against Michigan State. Lucky for you, we’ve set up a special tailgate zone at #FEST so you can rage with all of your friends and still catch the game in East Lansing. What better way to tailgate than with thousands of your closest friends?



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