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#FEST Veteran Dave Rave and DJ B-Funk Ready To Be Back

With two #FESTs under his belt and an Ohio University degree, DJ B-Funk with Dave Rave is no stranger to the scene that surrounds #FESTs and OU in general.

“I’m a little biased, but I feel Athens and OU are basically the best places ever. So, being invited to play at this massive event where I grew up is just great,” said DJ B-Funk.



As he heads back to familiar ground, DJ B-Funk is looking to bring out some new mixes and musical styles for this Saturday.  Music, especially within the age of the Internet, changes styles and what is popular daily.

“It’s hard because music moves so fast these days, the shelf life for top tracks is incredibly short it seems,” the DJ said, but he is coming to the festival prepared with years of experience up his sleeve.

The crowd at #FEST - 10th Edition can look forward to music styled for every instant to keep up with the ever-changing environment.  “I personally try and play a track for each moment,” he said.

P. Blackk Amping Up For Biggest Performance Ever

            Rapper P.Blackk may not be a first time performer at #FEST, but he is getting ready for his biggest performance to date.

He is “expecting to have a good time, and to see some kids going crazy,” he said.  With Ohio University comes the high standards for having a great time, and most #FEST artists are ready to see that reputation in action.

P.Blackk intends to stay focused on the music though.  He doesn’t have any bells and whistles planned, said the rapper.  He just plans to give them a dope performance.

His music and style matches perfectly with the high energy that is to come this Saturday.  “It works for parties, and there is really some nice stuff to dance too.”

Last month he dropped his first single titled “Don’t Do It” with J. Rawls, off of his new album.  The album is called Contemporary Nostalgia, and while he admits that these terms are a bit of a juxtaposition, Contemporary Nostalgia finds the perfect balance between the new and the old.  The album includes nostalgic instruments with contemporary rhymes, with a new modern perspective, P.Blackk said.

Hodgie Street To Bring The Energy

Rapper Hodgie Street, as an Ohio native, knows the area, and knows the intense lifestyle that is Ohio University. With #FEST taking place just two miles from campus the musical festival is sure to be packed with students.

“I’ve always kept track of the different stuff at OU. With OU being one of the craziest, biggest party schools it’s honestly an honor,” said Hodgie.  With attendance usually numbering around 15,000 fans, #FEST is one of the biggest college music festivals in the nation.

“It’s a big show, but it’s a personal show.”

Hodgie Street said he is going to do his best to match the energy that fans bring next week.



The #FEST musician isn’t new to the music industry either. After having studied business at Ohio State, he continued working towards his musical career. “Really it’s my overall college experience that kind of taught me about the world in general, and how it relates to the music.”


Are you tired of trying to find a ride or DD to safely get you to Athens from Columbus? Can’t find a place to crash at OU? Do none of your friends have a car?


We have you covered!

We are offering a round-trip shuttle from Columbus, OH to Athens, OH for only $15. That’s about as much as you’d pay for gas anyway! The shuttle will leave Columbus at 11a, and get you at #FEST just in time for the start. The bus will then transport you from Athens back to Columbus at 11p and get you back to the Ohio Union for you to begin your late night. Spots are filling up, though! Grab your shuttle pass here today: http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/167803


We know that the Buckeyes have a big game against Michigan State. Lucky for you, we’ve set up a special tailgate zone at #FEST so you can rage with all of your friends and still catch the game in East Lansing. What better way to tailgate than with thousands of your closest friends?

Advice For #FEST’ers

We’ve hinted at this before, but I’ll go ahead and reiterate it - going to any Number Fest can be an art. Some triumph as a #FEST champion, making it through all 12 hours of diehard raging while putting the team on their back as they somehow manage to hit up the after parties. Some fall face first, and no one likes to be that guy. It’s like that kid who farts in the middle of class - it’s just uncomfortable for everyone. I, however, and bring you the top secret bits of advice as suggested by YOU, the #FEST’ers! Follow these and you’ll have stories to tell your grandchildren for when they attend #FEST - 73rd Edition.


Don’t Bring Flip Flops

(suggested by Kieran Manzi on Facebook)

I can’t stress this enough - the shoe makes the rager at #FEST. Flip flops are cool for the beach and casual hanging in the summer, not in a big, muddy field full of 15,000 wild and crazy kids. If you wear flip flops, I guarantee two things will happen: