April 7, 2016


Thanks to our new layout at The Venue Of Athens, we now have a 2,000+ capacity parking lot on site! Below is more info on parking for #Fest.


VIP PARKING: VIP Parking passes are available on our ticketing page (click here). Purchasing a VIP Parking Pass is the only way to 100% guarantee yourself a parking spot on-site, and will sell out should we hit capacity in this lot. VIP Parking is $30 and will be cash only on-site.

You can locate the VIP Parking lot on the map below. If you are parking in the VIP Parking lot, you’ll enter the festival through Gate 2. If you have a VIP Parking pass and are camping, mention that to the parking attendant upon arrival and they’ll direct you to a spot right next to the campgrounds.


MAIN PARKING: Main parking can only be purchased upon arrival to #Fest (they are not available for pre-purchase). The Main Parking lot is located on the map below, with Gate 1 being your entry point into the festival. Main Parking will be $20 and is cash only.

Should the Main parking lot hit capacity, we have a contingency plan set in place where we will have you park off-site at the Athens Fairgrounds on W. Union St., and then shuttle you over to the venue. These shuttles are ONLY for those who may have to park using this contingency plan. This contingency plan will ONLY go into effect starting at 6PM should the Main Parking lot fill to capacity.


There are NO free, public shuttles available for festival attendees. All transportation to/from the event is the sole responsibility of the festival-goer. We recommend parking on-site, camping, or using a licensed taxi service.

DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. Use a designated driver! If you find yourself in a situation where you are too drunk to drive, any of our festival staff, security, or workers will help assist you to ensure you stay safe overnight without any risk of you getting into trouble.

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