September 11, 2012

Cal Scruby (pronounced “SCROO-BEE”) has taken Ohio State by storm with his party performances and Buckeye hits that have garnered the attention of many OSU athletes. (Jared Sullinger, anyone?) His anthems in “The Nation” and his weekly releases - “Scruby Tuesdays” - have only add to his YouTube presence. We had the opportunity to ask him about his career, what’s planned for the future, and his upcoming #FEST performance.


#FEST: When did the start of your musical interest begin? What made you get started?

Cal: I first started listening to rap when I was in grade school.  I stole all my older brother’s music.  We would listen to Jay-Z when he drove me to school.  Those are the first albums I knew from start to finish.  My sophomore year at OSU, I was rapping to my friends and they made me rap to people I didn’t know.  I wasn’t comfortable at first, but I got over that pretty quickly.


#FEST: You’re an engineering student at THE Ohio State University. How do you juggle your school work with your growing musical career?

Cal: I’m actually undergoing a change in that aspect of my life.  Making music made me realize that I want to take a different route with my career, so I made a last minute decision to switch to something that will compliment my interest in music.  I want to work in the industry, even if I’m not making music and performing. Truthfully, balancing schoolwork, teaching, and music became overwhelming.  My mother has always told me to do what gives me energy, so I had to make a change.


#FEST: How has your increasing popularity, specifically with “The Nation,” changed your sound, your style, your outlook on a rapping career, etc.?

Cal: It didn’t change my style or sound at all, but it changed my outlook.  We had been doing “Scruby Tuesdays” every week, proving we could make music and videos consistently.  “The Nation” made me realize that we can make a really good product in a really short period of time. Eventually, I’ll tell people the whole story of that song and video.  For now, let’s just say that it was a last minute project.


#FEST: You have a new mixtape coming out in 9/19. What was the inspiration behind this mixtape? What can we expect to hear?

Cal: Brand new songs.  Variety.  It’s gonna be weird, old school, trippy, original.  Alex Dreamer (@alex_dreamer) produced a lot of it.  He’s a monster.  It’s different, but it came about just like my other music – inspired by my future years and my previous 22.


#FEST: You’ve performed with high profile artists like J. Cole and Timeflies, as well as performing at parties and smaller venues. If you can pick just one, what would you consider your highlight performance?

Cal: I can’t really pick just one.  They’ve all been so different.  Cole was my first big stage.  Timeflies was my first packed house.  Chip, KRIT, Huey Mack, Mike Stud, and now MGK.  That’s what I love about hip-hop; you have so many opportunities to interact with different demographics.  I’ve got a thing for personal venues.


#FEST: You’re also performing at #FEST - 10th Edition in Athens, Ohio on 9/29. What have you heard about the past #FEST’s (8Fest, 9Fest, and so on) and what do you expect?

Cal: I have never been to a #Fest.  Every time I say that, people gasp.  I’ve heard the stories; I don’t think I have to tell anybody I’m excited about it.  Every time I think about it, it turns into a daydream.  I’m just gonna get up there and have a good time with 15,000 friends.


#FEST: Will your #FEST performance be your first performance at Ohio University? If not, where else have you performed?

Cal: I was supposed to perform at 7 Palmer, but (I kid you not) the house next door caught on fire 15 minutes before I was supposed to perform.  I still wanted to do something, so I performed at my buddy’s place, 69 West State.  The equipment was whack but all my people were there, so it was a good time.  I had to scream the lyrics just to be heard, and I ended up getting the Cole show two days later.  I was drinking green tea and honey all Sunday and Monday.  That shit’s not gangster.


#FEST: Out of all the #FEST artists who will be performing before/after you, who would you be the most excited to meet and why?

Cal: I’m glad to see so many Ohio artists on the ticket.  I’ve been listening to P. Blackk for a minute and just started getting hip to Fly Union (the video they shot with OU’s CreMedia team is raw).  They’ve both been on the Columbus scene for a while.  I’ve seen Jean P doing his thing in Athens for a while, so I’m excited to see him perform in front of his home crowd.  Also nice to see Stalley getting the recognition he deserves.  But I’ve been listening to Three 6 since I was in grade school, so I can’t wait to see Juicy J perform.  These EDM performers are gonna be hype too!


#FEST: Have you ever simply visited Ohio University before? Have any stories?

Cal: Yeah, I’m not a first time caller.  I just always end up getting shmacked at the bar and doing things I probably shouldn’t tell you about.


#FEST: Finally, do you have any advice for people who will be attending #FEST?

Cal: Bring lots of booze and… accessories.  Get dirty early.



Cal Scruby is releasing his new mixtape, “Boy Genius,” on September 19. Until then, you can get hip to Cal with his “Best Foot Forward” mixtape (click here to download for free). Watch his breakout hit “The Nation” below.


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