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#Fest announces new Park & Ride program

Starting with #HALFTIME, we will be implementing a new Park & Ride program for all those traveling by car to the event. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION. All cars will be asked to park at The Athens County Fairground and take a FREE Shuttle Bus to the event site. There will be no cars allowed to park at the venue on W. Union St. this year.


In an attempt to keep traffic congestion to a minimum, we ask that all drivers follow the appropriate signs placed throughout Athens that direct cars to The Fairgrounds. Once parked, there will be 15 buses and several 15 passenger vans waiting to take you and your belongings to the #HALFTIME Venue.


The Shuttles will run the entire day and will bring everyone back to the Fairgrounds to get your vehicles. We ask that nobody Drink and Drive. The walk from The Fairgrounds to campus is less than a 1/2 mile. Please be safe and take advantage of this new system. Cars will be allowed to stay parked at The Fairgrounds overnight. Our hope is to completely eliminate the traffic jam that occurs every year during the event. By parking at The Fairgrounds and taking a Shuttle Bus, it will open up the roadway and allow for a much smoother entry into the venue… NO MORE BEING STUCK ON 56!


Again, please note that no cars will be allowed on the actual site this year. Also, we request that students do not excessively pile into cars when attempting to get out to the venue. Local law enforcement will be cracking down on unauthorized Taxi Services this year. To make the event as enjoyable and safe as possible, we urge you to follow the new protocol and take full advantage of the Park and Ride program on October 5th for #HALFTIME. Thanks in advance and we cant wait to see you at #HALFTIME.



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