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Performing Saturday, April 22


My birth name is Harold Sullivan III. I’m from Columbus, Ohio and I moved to a sub-city of Columbus named Pickerington around the age of 8. My whole life was built around sports until my senior year of high school when I quit the football and basketball team. After that, I picked up a video camera from Best Buy and started filming my life. Eventually that picked up and started getting thousands of views on YouTube, until my high school caught wind of it and shut down my whole operation. That’s when high school ended and music came into the picture. I got a school issued laptop from Shawnee State University and purchased a pirated version of FL Studio 10 for $37 and a pack of green Marlboro’s. Since then I’ve gathered over 2.1 million views on my music total and I’ve learned how to DJ. Guess we all get to see what the future holds now.